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3 Best Employee Engagement Activities for a Better Workplace

In 2021, the global consulting firm Accenture made headlines by deploying 60,000 VR Oculus headsets to its employees worldwide. While the primary purpose of the headsets is to enable immersive training experiences, they are also being used to facilitate virtual team-building activities, such as virtual escape rooms and virtual team challenges.

Employee engagement activities like team building and virtual challenges are more than just fun and games. These activities are crucial in building a positive and productive workplace culture. They can help foster trust and collaboration between team members, improve communication, and create a sense of belonging within your organization.

And, with remote work becoming increasingly common, finding ways to keep your team connected and engaged is more important than ever. That’s why many companies invest in innovative employee engagement activities that can be done virtually or in person.

This article will examine the top three employee engagement activities that help teams bond, connect, and thrive.

Employee Engagement Activities that Employers Should Try

Studies have shown that engaged employees are more likely to be motivated, productive, and committed to their work. Even with remote work becoming increasingly common, finding new ways and strategies to keep your team connected and engaged is important.

That’s where employee engagement activities come in. From virtual team-building activities to employee wellness programs, there are countless ways to help your team bond, connect, and thrive—no matter where they work from.


Team building activities are not just an excuse to have fun and let loose (although that’s a perk!). These are essential for building a sense of community and trust among team members, especially in today’s remote work environment. Team-building activities are like the superhero team-up movies of the workplace, sans the villains and explosions (unless you count the occasional confetti cannon). They bring together employees from different departments or teams and help them develop bonds that can withstand the toughest challenges.

In today’s fast-paced and competitive work environment, investing in team-building activities is more important than ever. Whether through outdoor adventures, game nights, or other fun and engaging activities, you can help create a workplace where employees feel supported, motivated, and connected to their colleagues.

Regardless if you’re a fan of virtual happy hours or outdoor team-building challenges, there’s something out there for every team. Here’s a list to get your team started:

1. Karaoke Night

Karaoke is a classic team-building activity that always brings people together. Whether it’s belting out power ballads or crooning classic hits, karaoke is a great way to let loose, have fun, and build camaraderie with your colleagues. Who knows, you might even discover some hidden musical talent in your team!

In the movie “500 Days of Summer,” the main character Tom (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) finds himself bonding with his co-workers over karaoke. Despite his initial reluctance to participate, he soon finds himself singing “You Make My Dreams” by Hall & Oates with his colleagues. The result is a memorable and hilarious scene showcasing the power of karaoke to bring people together.

At work, karaoke can help to break down barriers and promote better communication, as team members can let loose and have fun outside of their usual work roles. It also allows team members to showcase their personalities and talents in a relaxed and supportive environment. And who knows, your team’s rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” might just go viral on social media!

Whether you’re a closeted singer or a natural-born performer, karaoke night can be a great way to bring your team closer together. Choose a platform that allows everyone to participate, pick your favorite songs, and let the singing and dancing begin!

2. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

In a virtual scavenger hunt, teams of employees will be given a list of tasks or challenges to complete, which they must then race to finish before the other teams. The tasks may be related to your company’s products or services or be more general, such as finding and taking pictures of specific items or solving puzzles.

For example, one challenge may require teams to scour the internet for hidden clues or codes, while another may ask them to create a video or photo collage that showcases their team spirit.

With a virtual scavenger hunt, the possibilities are endless, and the creativity and ingenuity of the teams can shine through despite the members being in different rooms. This activity is highly recommended during remote work days or the worst-case scenario of new lockdowns necessitating a home-based working setup.

3. Outdoor Adventures

If you’re lucky enough to be in a location where outdoor activities are possible, consider planning a team-building adventure. From hiking and camping to rock climbing and kayaking, there’s no shortage of ways to bond with your team while exploring the great outdoors.

Outdoor activities can be a refreshing change of pace from the typical office routine. It allows your employees to get some fresh air, soak up some sunshine, and reconnect with nature—in other words, a great burnout extinguisher.

From picnics to sports tournaments, outdoor activities can be a great way to bring your employees together and create a sense of camaraderie. For example, a company-wide picnic can be a perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors while bonding with colleagues over some delicious food and drinks. A sports tournament, such as a softball or volleyball game, can be a great way to promote friendly competition and team building.

Other outdoor activities like hiking, camping, or a fun run can be an exciting way to physically and mentally challenged employees. Incorporating outdoor activities into your employee engagement program can also provide leadership and team-building skills development opportunities.

When planning outdoor activities, consider creating mixed teams with employees from different departments, allowing them to work with colleagues they might only sometimes interact with.

4. Escape Room

Escape rooms are the perfect activity for those who love a good challenge and a bit of mystery. In this team-building activity, participants are locked in a room and must work together to solve puzzles and clues to escape before time runs out.

The escape room’s excitement can help boost team morale and encourage collaboration, as team members must work together to find solutions and escape the room. It can also be a great way to build problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities among team members.

Plus, with different themes and storylines available, an escape room can transport your team members to another world or time, adding an extra layer of excitement and adventure to the experience.

Bring the excitement of an escape room to your team-building activities by similarly organizing a virtual escape room challenge. Set up a video conference call and work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and ultimately escape the virtual room before time runs out.

5. Game Night

Game night is a classic team-building activity that can unite employees and foster friendly competition. Whether a virtual game night or an in-person event, this activity can be customized to fit the team’s preferences. From board games to video games, there are endless options to choose from.

Consider incorporating games that require teamwork or communication skills to add a fun twist to game night. For example, “Werewolf” is a popular party game that requires players to work together and use deductive reasoning to uncover who among them is the “werewolf.” Or, try a game like “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes,” where one player has to defuse a bomb with the help of their team, who have access to a manual with instructions.

The beauty of the Game Night is that it allows team members to unwind, have fun, and get to know each other outside of the typical work setting. It can also be a great way to discover hidden talents or interests among team members.

Unleash your team’s competitive spirit with a virtual game night. There are plenty of options, from classic board games like Monopoly and Clue to online multiplayer games like Among Us and Jackbox. Just mix up the teams and keep the games light-hearted and fun.


Social events are a great way to bring your employees together and create a sense of community within the workplace. These events can take many forms, from company-wide holiday parties to smaller departmental gatherings.

One popular social event is the company picnic, where employees can gather for an outdoor barbeque or other fun activities. This is a great opportunity for team members to relax and bond in a more casual setting outside the office.

Another fun social event is a company-sponsored happy hour or mixer, where your employees can mingle and network over drinks and snacks. This can be a great way to break down barriers between departments and encourage collaboration and idea-sharing.

Happy hour is not just for winding down after a long day at work. It can also be a fantastic way to boost employee morale and foster stronger relationships among team members. Whether it’s an after-work virtual happy hour or an in-person gathering at a local bar, a happy hour event can be a great opportunity for employees to relax and connect in a more casual setting.

During a happy hour event, team members can chat about their interests outside work, share stories and experiences, and even discover common interests. This helps break down barriers and create a sense of camaraderie among colleagues. Plus, when employees can connect on a more personal level, it can help improve communication and collaboration in the workplace.

So why not shake things up with a themed happy hour event? From a margarita Monday to a wine-down Wednesday, the possibilities are endless. Adding a little fun and creativity to the mix can make a happy hour event even more enjoyable for employees and help to build a positive and engaging work culture.


Maintaining employee wellness is crucial for your company’s success, as healthy employees tend to be more productive and engaged in their work. Wellness programs can take many forms, such as fitness challenges, meditation sessions, and nutrition education. Companies can incentivize employees to participate in wellness programs, such as discounted gym memberships or healthy snacks in the office.

By prioritizing your employees’ wellness, you can show them that you care about their overall well-being, not just their work output. Wellness programs can also help to foster a sense of community among employees, as they can participate in activities together and support each other in their wellness goals.

Wellness programs can also be a fun way to break up the workday and promote a positive work-life balance. You can organize team walks, yoga classes, or even on-site massages to help employees destress and refocus. Incorporating wellness into the workplace can create a happier and healthier workforce, ultimately leading to better business outcomes.


Employee engagement activities can go a long way in creating a positive work environment, building stronger relationships among team members, and ultimately improving performance and productivity.

There are countless ways to keep your team engaged, motivated, and connected, from virtual scavenger hunts to outdoor adventures and karaoke nights to wellness programs. Whether you’re working remotely or in person, it’s important to prioritize employee engagement and make it a core part of your company culture.

By investing in your team’s happiness and well-being, you’ll see better results and create a workplace that people are excited to be a part of.

If you want to know more about how you can engage your team toward collective success, drop me a message so I can help.

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