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Leveraging Female Mental Performance  Unlock the secrets to optimizing female mental performance. Discover strategies tailore


Hi, I’m Lindsey Paoli, a corporate consultant, psychotherapist (mft-intern), and retired corporate leader helping change the way that you think and feel about balance in business


Through my MIND Fundamental Formula I empower individuals to better understand their unique brain chemistry in order to optimize their energy and potential.  From there, my clients are able to better learn to manage their emotions, their relationships, and their communication to maximize their performance both at work and at home. 


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With a decade of experience each in Fortune 500 Leadership and Mental Health, I have a unique perspective on how to merge the two healthily in a way that traditional healthcare and Corporate America are overlooking.

What if we put Mental Performance first in all we did?

I wasn’t always armed with the belief I have now that mental performance is the ultimate strategy for success. 


In fact, I was raised in a military family where therapy was a dirty word and emotions were viewed as messy. I understand more than anyone the stigma and perception of mental work. And personally, I suffered greatly myself because of it. 

It wasn't until I found myself burnt out in my leadership roles, feeling tired and depleted at the age of thirty, divorced and in a string of unhealthy relationships, and struggling to imagine how I could possibly live this life for another 30 years that I ever even considered taking my mental health seriously. 

But in doing so, I uncovered something I wish someone had told me sooner: 

1. Understanding and hacking your own mind is the ultimate strategy in life and business 

2. The habits most high performers in business have been taught to succeed are in fact the formula to their own demise 

Which is why I take the approach that I do in helping anyone who will listen to become empowered by their own physiology to be their best in health, happiness and business because the real power of mental performance comes from creating real positive change, not diagnosing and naming problems. 

Beyond Band-Aids: A Fresh Take on Mental Health in Business

I, like many others, have become so frustrated with the promise of the focus of mental health and the lack of silver bullet results that had been promised.  

As so many took the pandemic as an opportunity to focus on their mental health and businesses began offering more benefits to accommodate the need, our rates of poor mental health still only continue to rise. 


And as an insider in the mental health industry I see many flaws that I think will only continue to prevent progress. Which is why I’ve intentionally chosen to take on the world of business as an opportunity to make sustainable and impactful change, where many of us spend more time than we spend with our families or even sleeping. 

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Why I Do What I Do

When we create better self awareness and change the paradigm of how work CAN be done we can truly change the ways that people communicate, raise families, and prioritize their health while business still reaps the benefits of efficient and motivated team members. 

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Which Brings Me to YOU

I am here to make a difference. My company, Fundamental Health, is built on a foundation of love, commitment, and innovative thinking to create better businesses and a healthier America in the process. 

As you explore this site you’ll notice that my aim is to help anyone looking to become better, whether a business owner, a business leader, or just a high performer looking to better understand themselves to make their impact in this world. 

Join the Club

If you want to change your life, you’ve got to be willing to get uncomfortable. I’ll give you the knowledge and tools you need to thrive while holding you accountable to shifting your daily habits so you can step into your greatest self.

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