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Lindsey Paoli Author: Living a Legacy

Living a Legacy is a powerful, human glimpse into the stories of 18 women entrepreneurs on a mission to live a life in alignment while creating a lasting legacy within their families, businesses and communities. Their honest, moving stories contribute thoughtful insights and tools into the responsibility and privilege of creating an impact greater than ourselves.

Stories of 18 Women Committed to Intentional Growth

This collaborative book of essays is the answer to “How will you LIVE a legacy?” and “How can you create an impact that grows exponentially?” Questions that will change the way you think about your life and your decisions. The stories of 18 women committed to intentional growth and alignment redefine the concept of leaving a legacy.

Writing by the Water
Books and Coffee

Living a Legacy teaches lessons including...

  • How to create impact that grows exponentially during your life

  • Understand how your human ‘why’ creates your business ‘why’

  • How to grow and heal as part of your legacy

  • The importance of falling in love with your purpose

  • How to create a legacy that is accessible, regardless of money

  • ….and much more!

“It’s not enough to think about what we want to leave behind when we’re gone.

Asking the question, ‘how can I LIVE a legacy’, changes everything.”

Grab Your Copy Today

This book gives a rare opportunity to take a peek into someone’s life and really connect with one or all of the stories and inspire women of all walks of life. I don’t think you need to be on a spiritual journey or starting a business for this book to be useful. We as women really need the support of one another and this book shows the good in the world, the desire to not only be great but inspire greatness!

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